Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A month later....

Ok….school has yet snatched my complete attention. I have created a few cards….one card was the first Father’s Day card I prepared for my husband (EVER)! I indeed relished in using this digi….he is from Mo’s Pencils. The additional two cards embrace a dear sentiment for me. They are to go to my husband’s grandmother. One is a birthday card and the other is a get well. She had a little boo-boo the other week. I believe she is 86 and still a pistol... Lol I have been returning to the 12x12 layout. I have accomplished 4 in the preceding two weeks……I’m debating if it’s worth my time to take the pics and post….I probably will later…..I’m just about finished with my summer classes. My kids head back to school next week. They are enthusiastic to visit with their friends once more. Well, until next time…chat with you later…lol

Do you have back to school traditions that you would like to share?!?!

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